Video .. Abu Dhabi Police broadcast on their platforms, real scenes of the danger of crossing the red signal – localities – other


Abu Dhabi Police broadcast on their social media platforms within the campaign # Safety_Dream, real scenes that illustrate the danger of passing the red signal and in cooperation with the Follow-up and Control Center – Abu Dhabi to educate drivers about the necessity to adhere to the mandatory route at intersections and not to engage in non-road to avoid accidents for their safety and the safety of road users.

She urged the need to adhere to the traffic lights at intersections, explaining the most important reasons that lead to the commission of this dangerous violation, including lack of attention and preoccupation with the road, or as a result of some drivers increasing their speeds at intersections to realize the green signal.

She pointed out the implementation of a traffic awareness campaign, within its proactive plan to provide the highest standards of traffic safety to spread awareness of the danger of exceeding the red signal, through Abu Dhabi police platforms for social communication, media and urged drivers to adhere to the traffic and traffic law as part of efforts aimed at the safety and safety of road users.

It is noteworthy that the violation of the red traffic light for light vehicles exceeds the financial fine (1000) dirhams and 12 traffic points, and the reservation of the vehicle is 30 days. For trucks, the financial violation exceeds 3000 dirhams and the suspension of the license for a year starts from the date of revoking the license for heavy vehicles that exceed the red signal.




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