Veterans may miss the train before the Tokyo Olympics


With the Olympic Games scheduled for the summer of 2020 in Tokyo postponed until next year, some elite athletes face the prospect that the train will miss them and their hopes of encircling their gold medals will fade as they get older.

Here are six seasoned veterans who are feared to be the victim of this delay:

Roger Federer

The Swiss tennis legend, winning 20 major titles, will reach forty years of age on August 8, 2021.

He previously won the Olympic gold medal but in the doubles category alongside fellow Stanislav Wawrinka in the 2008 Beijing Games, in which he reached the quarter-finals of the singles category.

He won silver singles at the London 2012 tournament before withdrawing from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro tournament due to injury.

In the 2000 Sydney tournament, Federer reached the semi-finals, but the Australian tournament was a bright spot in his life as she witnessed the start of a love affair with Mirka Wawrinki that culminated in marriage. “On the whole, I think it was the best Olympic Games that I participated in,” he said.

Federer carried the Swiss flag at the opening ceremony of the 2004 and Beijing 2008 sessions, and in October he had previously expressed his desire to participate in the 2020 Olympics by saying, “My heart decided to participate in the Olympic Games again”, especially since the gold medal is still absent from Lockers in which cups of small and large yellow ball cycles accumulate.

Serena Williams

The American legend will turn forty in September 2021, but her desire to participate in Tokyo next year may not be as strong as Feder’s desire. Williams previously won the gold medal in singles in London 2012, and the yellow metal in doubles alongside her sister Venus in the sessions of 2000, 2008 and 2012. However, the two sisters lost in the first round of doubles competitions at the Rio 2016 Olympics, before Serena graduated in the third round of singles against Ukrainian Elena Svetolina.

Serena holds 23 Grand Slam tournaments, one more than Australian record holder Margaret Court.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods would have struggled to be a member of the US golf team at the Tokyo Olympics in a state originally scheduled as he currently ranks sixth in the ranking of his country, while the top four qualify for participation.

Woods is one of the most prominent golfers of all time, crowning 15 great trophies in his career. He is gradually recovering from chronic back pain, and thus delaying the games gives him hope that he can participate next year in the event he regains his previous level.

Organizers hope that Woods will be able to participate after he missed the final version of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Lin Dan

The quarrelsome Chinese superstar Lin Dan will reach 37 next year. He gained control of the badminton game (badminton) and was crowned gold in the Beijing 2008 tournament, and four years later in London, in addition to five world titles. However, Lin wants to make up for Rio de Janeiro’s disappointment in 2016 after he fell in the semi-final against his traditional rival Li Zhongwei, who avenged his losses in the gold matches in Beijing and London. Lin also lost the bronze medal match in 2016.

Alison Felix

The only athlete in the track and field that won six gold medals. Felix spent the last two years preparing for a golden farewell at the Tokyo 2020 Games. If she is to participate through her success in American experiences, she will run her fifth Olympic Games. It will reach thirty-five at the end of this year.

Felix will not be the oldest female athlete trying to win an Olympic medal. Jamaican Merlin Otti, when she was forty, succeeded in leading her country to the bronze medal in the 4-time relay 100m in the 2000 Sydney Games.

Justin Gatlin

Veteran American runner Justin Gatlin was planning to retire in 2020 after he participated in his fourth Olympics at the age of 38. But he must plan to extend his career in order to participate in the Tokyo Games next year.

“Many people think that the time factor works against me or against other athletes who are getting old, but that is not true,” said Gatlin, the 2004 winner of the 100m gold medal in Athens, who was suspended twice for doping.

However, Gatlin may face great difficulty qualifying during the American experiences amid the emergence of a new generation of speed runners in his country, led by world champion Christian Coleman and Noah Leeds in the 100m and 200m races.


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