Variation in iron prices this evening, Thursday 5-3-2020 Economy


Local iron prices witnessed a state of variation during Thursday evening trading, on March 5, 2020, and the price of Egyptian iron recorded 9550 pounds per ton, while Ezz Steel recorded 9750 pounds, porter iron 9600 pounds per ton, and Attia iron 9500 pounds.
The price of iron with tea was 9600 pounds, and the ferryman iron 9500 pounds per ton, while Sarhan iron scored 9500 pounds per ton, while Maadi iron scored 9500 pounds per ton.
Iron prices have witnessed a significant decrease in Egypt by 800 pounds since the beginning of this year 2020, with increased expectations that rebar of all kinds will witness new declines in the coming days, supported by the global decline in prices and the decline in dollar prices.
The average price of a ton of iron, during last September, was about 11 thousand and 500 pounds, and the average price of iron during the month of October was about 10 thousand pounds.


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