US stocks open the session by more than 3%


US stocks open the session by more than 3%

US stock indices fell in early trading Friday, affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus in the United States in an epidemic manner.

The impact of the US Senate’s approval of the nation’s largest fiscal stimulus package, which is estimated at $ 2 trillion, has faded to address the implications of the Corona virus.

Data revealed yesterday that the number of coronavirus infections reached more than 85 thousand cases in America, which makes it the highest country in the world in terms of the number of infections, and thus exceeded the numbers of infections in China and Italy.

US President Donald Trump, in a telephone conversation with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, discussed ways to coordinate and cooperate to tackle the virus threat.

On the trading front, Dow Jones decreased by 14:11 GMT, by 3.5% (equivalent to 785 points) to 21792 points, and “S&P 500” decreased by 3% (equivalent to 80 points) to 2551 points, While, “Nasdaq” fell 3% (equivalent to 235 points) to 7559 points.


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