US stocks open lower as Corona epidemic worsens


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New York: The American stock exchanges opened their trading on Tuesday, despite the Fed’s disclosure of a new facility to boost market liquidity, amid escalating numbers of cases and deaths of Covid-19 disease.

After about 20 minutes of trading, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index fell 1% to 2,600.94 points, while the Nasdaq index of rich technology companies lost 0.5% to 7,733.30 points.

The Federal Reserve announced a new facility allowing foreign central banks to swap

Holdings of US Treasury bonds in dollars temporarily, the latest initiative to inject liquidity into the financial markets.

More and more governments around the world are working to extend closings as the number of HIV cases increases, as Mexico extended the state of emergency until April 30, and European governments and individual US states are considering additional measures to contain the outbreak.

In the coming days, markets will be able to assess a large number of economic indicators, including consumer confidence, jobless claims and the March job report.

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