Updated .. “Dow Jones” continues volatility and loses 970 points at closing


direct: US stock indices fell at a strong pace in the close of trading on Thursday, losing “Dow Jones” approximately 970 points, with the continuation of the state of fluctuations and fears about the developments of the Corona crisis.

And anxiety and fears continue to spread Coffed 19 In control of Wall Street, especially after California declared a state of emergency after one person died and more than 53 were injured, bringing the total number of injured in the United States to 149.

He agreed US Senators on emergency financing With more than 8 billion dollars to combat the spread of corona.

And health warned Global states surrender in fighting the virus Fatal with more than 95 thousand people in the world.

Economic data confirmed a decline American Unemployment Benefit Applications During the past week less than expected, while it rose Productivity of workers In the United States underestimated.

Investor speculation has increased about The Federal Reserve cut interest rates American during its next meeting, after a sudden reduction of the basic interest rate by 50 basis points two days ago.

At the close of the session, the Dow Jones industrial average fell 3.6 percent to 26,121 points, which is equivalent to a loss of 969.6 points.

The industrial index rose by 1173 points, up by 4.5 At the close of trading yesterday.

The “Standard & Poor’s” declined by 3.4 percent to 3023 points, and “NASDAQ” fell 3.1 percent to 8,738 points..

By 9:07 pm GMT, the main index of the dollar, which tracks the green currency’s performance against six major currencies, was down 0.7 percent to 96.62.


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