Unisoc T7520 is the first processor manufactured using 6nm EUV technology, and it incorporates a built-in 5G modem


Unisoc T7520

After major companies unveiled their first 7nm EUV processors last year, the first 6nm EUV processors have now arrived from a surprising source, Unisoc. In fact, Unisoc today announced the Unisoc T7520, which is the first processor to be manufactured using TSMC’s latest manufacturing technology. Compared to the current manufacturing technology, the new manufacturing technology increases the density of transistors by 18% and helps to reduce energy use by 8%.

The Unisoc T7520 processor itself is very interesting, it has four Cortex-A76 cores and four additional Cortex-A55 cores. Moreover, it comes with a Mali-G57 graphics processor that supports resolutions up to 4K with HDR + and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Other components for the Unisoc T7520 include a quad-core image processor that can handle 100-megapixel sensors or a multi-camera system, and a neural processing unit (NPU) that delivers 50 percent better performance per watt compared to the previous generation. However, the most interesting component of this processor remains the built-in 5G modem, it supports Sub-6GHz and mmWave networks, as well as standalone and non-standalone mode. On standalone mmWave networks, this modem can reach 3.25Gbps at the upload speed level.

Thanks to the built-in modem, the Unisoc T7520 processor uses up to 35 percent less power compared to processors that use a separate modem like Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990. Before concluding, we would like to point out that Unisoc plans to start charging the new Unisoc T7520 processor to this manufacturer Year, which means there is an opportunity to see the first devices to come with this processor this year.


Fatima Ait Talib



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