Unisoc T7520 is the first 6 nm chip and EUV manufacturing process


Unisoc has announced the first 6-nanometer chip called Unisoc T7520, which features the European Union manufacturing process, and integrates with a 5G modem chip.

Last year, it revealed the first 7-nanometer processor chip and the EUV manufacturing process, and today the Unisoc T7520 chip comes to present the first 6-nanometer manufacturing version, which is one of the first chips to be presented by TSMC with the new EUV manufacturing process.

The new EUV manufacturing process is 18% more dense than the transistor, with 8% lower power consumption, the T7520 chip has 4 Cortex-A76 cores, with 4 A55 cores, and the processing unit also comes with a Mali-G57 graphics card, The chip can also support 4K resolution, as well as HDR Plus content.

The chip also comes with four ISP cores to support a 100-megapixel camera, as well as multiple camera settings, the new NPU nuclei can also support 50% higher performance, and the chip also integrates with a 5G modem, supporting sub-6GHz and mmWave antennas, It also supports SA, and NSA networks.

The chip can support mmWave antennas with SA mode in networks, with a download speed of 3.25Gbps, the Unisoc T7520 chip can support a 35% reduction in power consumption, and Unisoc will start shipping the T7520 chip later this year.



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