Undo the isolation of New York .. and record deaths in Spain


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The new outbreak of the Corona virus is accelerating in the United States, as US President Donald Trump has abandoned the idea of ​​isolating New York State, and continues to spread in Europe, which records two-thirds of the world’s deaths by 31,000, at a time when Spain announced yesterday, more than 800 people died in 24 Hours, in a new record.
In the absence of any vaccine or proven treatment for the Covid-19 epidemic, more than half of humanity remains isolated in their homes on all continents, while the number of people infected with the virus approaches the 700,000 mark, more than 32,000 have died, and nearly 150,000 have recovered.
Spain, which has more than 6,500 deaths, plans to tighten isolation measures in effect since mid-March, and is already among the most severe in the world.
The number of deaths in Italy, the country most affected by the virus in the world, more than 10 thousand deaths, an increase of nearly a thousand deaths during the previous 24 hours, with cases reaching about 92 thousand.
Domestic stone began to give its first results in Italy, where the spread of infection continues to slow. At a time when the country is living in isolation for the third week, the government will distribute food vouchers to the poorest, especially the people affected by the economic cycle’s shake, after some customers tried to leave a supermarket carrying food items they did not pay for, explaining that they no longer had money to buy their needs. On the other side of the Atlantic, the outbreak is greatly accelerating. The number of deaths in the United States has doubled since Wednesday and crossed the threshold of 2,000 yesterday.
And a prominent American scientist warned that the new corona virus could kill between 100,000 and 200,000 people in the United States, with “infecting millions.”
“The expectation that about a million Americans or more will die of the epidemic is almost out of the question, although it is not impossible, but it remains very, very unlikely,” said Doctor Anthony Fauchi, senior communicable disease expert at the National Institute of Health.
The United States recorded the largest number of confirmed infections in the world, reaching more than 124,000, nearly half of which were in New York State, which Trump proposed to impose on her and her major city of quarantine, as well as on the neighboring state of New Jersey, before retracting the matter. At Trump’s request, the Centers for Disease Control called on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut residents to avoid non-essential movements within the next 14 days.
France, which has recorded 2,314 deaths, including 319 in the last 24 hours, faces an influx of patients to hospitals and a shortage of equipment. The French government has submitted a request to purchase 1 billion protective mask.
As for China, the origin of the epidemic, which seems to have managed to stop the spread of the disease on its soil, it has temporarily closed its borders to most foreigners and greatly restricted its international flights to prevent the return of the virus through “imported” infections.


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