U.S. Presidential Election 2020: After spending $ 500 million, Bloomberg ends his campaign


Michael Bloomberg

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Bloomberg spent over $ 500 million of his own money to win the Democratic nomination

American billionaire Michael Bloomberg ended his campaign to win the Democratic nomination in the upcoming presidential elections, after his failure during the “Big Tuesday” vote.

“I entered the (running) presidential race three months ago to defeat Donald Trump. Today I leave the race for the same reason,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, spent more than $ 500 million of his own money to win the Democratic nomination.

He said he would currently support Joe Biden, who was Vice President of Barack Obama’s administration.

“I always believed that Donald Trump’s defeat begins with unity behind the best candidate. After yesterday’s vote, it became clear that the candidate was my friend and great American, Joe Biden,” Bloomberg said in the statement.

The billionaire only managed to win in the American state of Samoa, among the states that voted on Tuesday.

Joe Biden has won nine states, a remarkable success for his campaign.

Biden managed to reverse expectations, after winning votes in Texas by a narrow margin over his main competitor, Bernie Sanders.

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Kloppochar (left) withdrew from the race and stood beside Biden against Sanders

What is happening now in the democratic race?

The “Big Tuesday” vote determines more than 1,300 delegates, out of a total of 1991 delegates, needed to win the Democratic nomination for the White House race.

Biden has 402 delegates, and his rival Sanders has 314 delegates, but the results of the state of California, which includes 415 delegates, can influence the current situation.

Senator Elizabeth Warren suffered a heavy loss in favor of Biden in her native Massachusetts.

Biden in front of Sanders?

The next primaries will be held on March 10 in the states of Michigan, Washington, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, and North Dakota, and include 352 delegates.

The contestants hope to win the party’s nomination before the Democratic Conference in July.

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Sanders are widely supported by youth and environmental advocates

The party is at a crossroads, as voters choose the best candidate to deny Trump a second term.

Biden and Sanders offer completely different visions of America’s future. The former vice president has presented himself as an elected pragmatist. However, opponents say his campaign is not inspiring.

Sanders’ opponents say that the Social Democrat, as he describes himself, cannot win the presidential race against Trump.


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