Two-week private sector leave includes these categories



The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development obligated all establishments in the private sector to comply with the application of a compulsory sick leave grant of 14 days.

The ministry said that the two-week leave for private sector employees includes categories that were previously identified, denying the validity of what is being circulated about obligating all establishments in the private sector to apply the grant of compulsory sick leave of 14 days.

This leave will be calculated from the balance of the leaves for the categories of pregnant women, those suffering from respiratory diseases, those who suffer from immunodeficiency and users of immunosuppressive drugs and tumors, and those who suffer from chronic diseases, as well as applying a home quarantine for 14 days to all workers returning from traveling outside the Kingdom And not being able to work until after the expiration of the quarantine period, as well as referring those who show symptoms of infection immediately to medical care.

And the ministry stated in its statement that based on the decision of the Ministry of Interior to suspend international flights for travelers – except in exceptional cases – for a period of two weeks, starting at eleven in the morning on Sunday 20 Rajab 1441 AH corresponding to March 15, 2020 AD it will be considered an exceptional official leave for citizens and residents Those who were unable to return due to the suspension of flights or the quarantine was applied to them after their return to the Kingdom, whether it was at designated headquarters of the Ministry of Health or directed from them to isolate themselves in their homes.

The Ministry called on the owners of enterprises to abide by these decisions, welcoming any comments or reports through the application of “Together for Monitoring” available via smart phones and the unified call center on the number “19911” or through the Ministry’s accounts on social media.

This directive comes after the government’s decision to suspend attendance at workplaces in all government agencies for a period of (16) days, except for the health, security, and military sectors, the e-security center, and the distance education system in the education sector.

It was also decided yesterday to close the closed and open commercial markets and malls, except for pharmacies and food ration activities such as (food rations, supermarkets, hypermarkets and the like), to adhere to sterilizing shopping carts in them after each user from the clients, and the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs announces this and follows up on its implementation and enabling it From providing 24-hour service. This procedure does not include the shops located on the commercial streets, provided that they are not within commercial complexes, and the closure of men’s barber shops and women’s beauty salons.


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