Two months after the death of his father .. Ihab Tawfiq sings “my father and my mother”


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The Egyptian singer, Ehab Tawfik, revealed that he was preparing a new song for his parents, two months after the death of his father in a fire at his home.

Tawfiq pointed out through his account on the website “Instagram” for social communication that the song bears the name “my father and my mother”, which are the words of Reda Al-Masry, composed and distributed by Fares Fahmy.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Tawfiq, the singer’s father, died in January, after a fire broke out at his house in Nasr City due to an electric fireplace during his sleep, which led to the spread of the fire to the rest of the villa and the difficulty of saving it.

Ihab Tawfik’s father suffers from severe suffocation, and he subsequently died. He was then on a different floor than the singer, and no one was able to save him because of the increased fire.


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