Turkish herbal expert says he has a cure for Coronavirus


A Turkish herbal expert living in the state of “Van” in eastern Turkey said that he is able to find a cure for the deadly Corona virus, without any chemicals, but only with herbs.

“Muhammad Qasim Alagyik”, who puts herbal medication on an equal footing with modern medicine, said that there is no disease that is beyond its natural herbal remedies, and he insisted that he treated dozens of cases from skin cancer to cerebral palsy.

He added: “I watched them on TV. They were conducting x-ray images of corona virus patients. I don’t know much about x-rays. But this virus stabilizes and destroys the lungs. I regularly treat asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer, and since these diseases can be treated, the Corona virus must be treatable as well. And I can say that the medicine you prepared will cure the Corona virus with a success rate of 95% or 100%, ”according to the Daily Sabah newspaper.

He stressed that his only source of knowledge about this virus, which has killed more than 2000 people and spread in almost every country, is limited to news that is broadcast on television.

And called “Alagiik” competent authorities to take a sample of his treatment is very effective, stressing that he only wants to help people. He said: “I have no failed treatment. I analyze all of my treatments and adjust them according to the type of disease. I don’t cheat, I just want to help people. ”

To prove his credibility and dispel any doubts about his treatment, local herbalist Alagic is proud of his past achievements.

On the details of finding a cure for Corona virus, Alagic said that his medicine is a mixture of different herbs that might kill the virus.

He explained: “The competent authorities can try it and conduct tests on it, and the patient will recover within 15 to 20 days.”

Although it is not clear whether the treatment of “Alagic” will flood the stores of pharmaceutical companies, the man will surely find desperate or panicked people who may rush to buy his treatment, regardless of the extent of his effect on healing, especially with the media raising the problem daily .

Source: New Track Post


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