Turkish actor Jan Yaman assaults a fan who wanted to take a picture with him


The Turkish newspaper “Sabah” revealed a complaint filed by a girl who admired the Turkish actor Jan Yaman, accusing him of assaulting and beating her after she asked him for a photo in a restaurant in Ortakoy district in Istanbul.

The newspaper reported that Yaman was present on the night of November 22, 2019 in a place in Ortakoy, and there a fan asked him to take a picture with him, and tried to salute him, but he refused and pushed him hard.

The girl left after Yaman pushed her and started to shoot video clips, and Yaman believed that the girl was filming against his will, so he attacked her and her arm guard and kicked her out of the place, so the girl started screaming at the top of her voice saying: “We made you famous, now she expels us,” and immediately after that she presented A complaint against him at the police station, which in turn began to investigate the accident.

The newspaper stated, according to what the Arab Post website reported, that it is not the first time that Yaman has been exposed to such situations. Earlier, a similar incident occurred with his colleague in the series “Who among us does not like” Celine Soedar, as Jean tried to pour a cup Tea over her after a fight broke out between them, and I filed a claim of contempt, and the judge sentenced him to a fine.

It is noteworthy that Jan Yaman was best known in the Arab world as “Farid” in the Turkish series “Sweet and Bitter”, which was aired in Arabic on the coded OSN channel.

Then his star shines in the Turkish series “Early Bird”, which is a great success in Turkey.

And the series “Early Bird” starring Jan Yaman, alongside Turkish actress Dimit Ozdemir, which the Arab public knew as “Asli” from the series “Sadfa”.


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