Turkey is subject to its quarantine pilgrims after their return from Saudi Arabia


Ankara / Anatolia

On Sunday, the Turkish authorities announced the start of quarantine returnees.

Turkish Health Minister Fakhreddin Kuja said, in a tweet via “Twitter”, that all Turkish citizens returning from Umrah from Saturday evening are subject to quarantine.

Kujah explained that the Turkish pilgrims are subject to quarantine in specific student residences in the provinces of Ankara and Konya.

He pointed out that every person covered by this decision will remain in the stone in a special room for those residences.

He also stated that “those suspected of contracting the virus will be transferred to the hospital as soon as they come (from Umrah), and they will have the necessary checks.”

In the context, the Ministry of Youth and Sports stated, in a statement, that subjecting the Turks returning from Saudi Arabia after performing the Umrah rites will last 14 days in student housing in the states of Ankara and Konya.

The statement added that the distribution of those subject to quarantine on those dwellings is carried out according to the capacity of each.

He continued: “After creating the appropriate conditions in those housing, the quarantine began for Turkish citizens returning from Umrah.”

The total capacity of these housing units in Ankara is 5392 people, and in Konya 4938 people.

As of Sunday, Corona had infected about 158,000 people in 155 countries and territories, of whom nearly 5,850 had died, most of them in China, South Korea, Italy and Iran.

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