Trump attends White House meetings on Corona … and a full report later


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US President Donald Trump said he was attending meetings in the White House on Saturday on the spread of the (Covid-19) disease caused by the Coronavirus and will issue a “full report at a later time.”

Trump issued his statement on Twitter and called in a second Tweet for what he called “social divergence.”

The White House doctor said earlier Saturday that US President Donald Trump Mix a second person Early last week it was later revealed that he was infected with the Coronavirus, but confirmed that he did not need to be examined or quarantined.

Trump had dinner last week with a group that included Brazilian Communications Minister Fabio Waggarten, who Brazilian officials say has been confirmed to have Corona.

Dr. Sean Pi said. Connelly, another guest at the dinner that took place in Mara Lago mingled with the president for a while and then after three days, he started showing up Corona symptoms His injury was confirmed later.

Conley said in a statement late on Friday that “Low-risk” contact And the president does not need to stay “tied stone at home.”

“The president’s contact with the first case was very limited (photographing and shaking hands) and although he mixed the second case for a longer time, all the transactions between them were Before any symptoms appear“.


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