Trump attacks the NBC reporter furiously after asking him to reassure fearful Americans of the Corona virus


New York, USA (CNN Business) – US President Donald Trump, fiercely attacked the NBC News reporter, after asking him about his message to Americans who are afraid of the Corona virus epidemic that is spreading throughout the United States.

Trump’s attack came on the sidelines of the daily briefing of the Corona Virus Task Force at the White House, when NBC News reporter Peter Alexander asked Trump if he was giving Americans “false hope” by promoting unconfirmed treatment drugs.

Alexander cited the latest epidemic statistics, which show that thousands of Americans are now infected, as well as millions of fearful people.

Alexander Trump asked: “What do you say to fearful Americans now?”

Then Trump got up and shook his head, and the reporter replied, “I say you are a bad reporter … This is what I say.”

Trump saw the reporter ask a “bad question,” as it attacked NBC and its Comcast company.

Trump accused the network’s correspondent of “aiming to excite … and so does NBC and Comcast, I don’t call it Comcast, I call it Con-Cast.”

Trump said: “Let me tell you something … This is a really bad reporter. He should return to principles of the profession rather than excitement.”

Moments later, White House reporter Caitlan Collins asked Trump, if it was appropriate to initiate violence against members of the news media during the public health crisis.

“You see yourself as a wartime president right now, leading the country through a pandemic we suffer from … Do you think attacking Peter and a news network is appropriate when the country goes through something like this?” Collins said.

While Trump defended his verbal attack on Peter Alexander, saying he was “not a good journalist.”

“Teamwork becomes much more difficult when we have dishonest journalists,” Trump said.

Then, a NBC reporter commented via a statement, saying that he was “trying to give the president an opportunity to reassure the millions of Americans, my family, my neighbors, my community, and a lot of people sitting at home, this was his opportunity to do that, to deliver a positive or upscale message. Instead, I saw the president’s response to this The question is now. ”

Peter Alexander said that the bottom line is that this President (Trump) has very different experiences in life than most Americans across this country today, adding: “Not a person who is likely to worry about financial matters, nor a person who is concerned about his future.” , And not a person concerned about where to find a salary in exchange for his bills or rent, as evidenced by the president, attacked me instead of reassuring the Americans. ”

Earlier last week, Trump, in recent days, returned to his usual attacks against the press.

At Thursday’s press conference on the Corona Virus, Trump scolded the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. Trump claimed they were “very dishonest”.

Then Trump praised an extreme right-wing media outlet, saying it was “very good … They treat me very kindly.”

The right-wing figure from this media outlet falsely said that the main newsrooms “cooperated” with the Chinese Communist Party to attack Trump.

Instead of berating the right-wing figure, Trump bragged, last Thursday, that he had canceled White House subscriptions to the country’s main newspapers.

Trump said: “It amazes me when I read the things I read … It amazes me when I read the Wall Street Journal, which is very negative and the New York Times, I barely read it. We don’t distribute it in the White House, and the same is with the Washington Post.”


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