Trezeguet is considering returning to Turkey


The upcoming summer transfer market may see a surprise of a large caliber, especially as it will be related to the Egyptian star Mahmoud Hassan TrezeguetAston Villa England player.

Trezeguet joined Aston Villa early this season, and everyone expected that the player started the journey of self-assertion by being in the biggest league in the world, and he must prove himself, to follow in the footsteps of Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian star who plays for Liverpool.

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Turkish press reports revealed that Besiktas Club is intensifying its efforts to contract with Trezeguet in the next summer transfer market.

Trezeguet is close to returning to Turkey

English reports, quoting the Turkish newspaper “Haberler”, indicated that Muhammed Al-Nini met with Trezeguet in order to speak with him to return to the Turkish league and persuade him to be in his ranks for the coming period.The newspaper confirmed that Trezeguet agreed in principle to his return to the Turkish league through the portal of Besiktas during the new season, on loan, from his current team Aston Villa.

The Turkish league is no stranger to Trezeguet. He previously played in the ranks of many clubs, the last of which was Qasim Pasha, and he moved from him to the ranks of Aston Villa.

The Trezeguet season saw Aston Villa go up and down, but the most memorable memorial is his team’s leadership in the Carabao Cup final with a goal against Leicester.

Trezeguet scored three goals and succeeded in making two goals after participating in 24 games with Aston Villa in the Premier League this season.


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