Travel suspension .. How to get your money back after canceling flight and accommodation reservations?


As the number of Corona virus infections continues to rise, countries around the world have tightened their procedures to counter its spread, and airlines have responded to the virus by suspending flights to and from endemic countries, which has disrupted travel for tourists and businessmen.

While many have booked hotels and plane tickets on the sites of hotels and airlines, in order to benefit from the coming spring vacation, it has become difficult to adhere to those bookings, especially since airlines have resorted in recent years to an approach in which they claim that they prevent the return of paid tickets prices in exchange for keeping prices at an average Acceptable.

CNN reported that the stories of many were unable to recover even half of their reservation funds, including Michael Moldovsky, who booked a home in Austin, Texas, so that he could benefit from him while attending a conference there, and after canceling the conference he tried to cancel the reservation and recover his money, according to the “Al-Hurra” channel. American.

“I have wasted 3,000 and 434 dollars,” Moldovsky, a Los Angeles-based American, said, as Vipro, the home rental website, refused to compensate him because his policies did not allow it.

The “VRBO” website indicated that the company’s “reservation with confidence and guarantee” clause does not include “force majeure” conditions.

Therefore, specialists advise everyone who makes reservations to review the policies of the service-giving companies, so that they do not fall into what Michael Moldovsky and others have signed, and here are some tips that will help you as you try to get your money back when you cancel your reservation:

I ask to see the policy of the institution in case of force majeure

You can contact the institution where you booked a home or plane ticket and try to negotiate with them and then request to see the clause of force majeure that may be in your favor in these circumstances, as the new epidemic of the Corona virus has spread.

Some rental companies have adapted their terms to the current envelope, similar to the “Airbnb” website, which has expanded its policy menu on reduced conditions to include customers to and from China, South Korea, and some regions in Italy, with the exception of regions that have not experienced a widespread epidemic.

Is it possible to retrieve the reservation money from the home rental sites?

Any reservation includes one of 6 cancellation policies, which ranges from “very flexible and strict”.

But some rental companies such as “RBNP” have announced that some cancellations related to the emerging corona virus can culminate in a money back, so you need to understand with the reservation sites management so that you do not miss the conditional time period in these circumstances.
What about hotels?

Not all hotels depend on a single policy, some of which are based on flexible policies that allow for reservation and cancellation under any point, and some of them do not give you the right to return the money if the specified time condition ends, in a week generally at the latest.

CNN said that the “Choice Hotel” group issued a statement saying that travelers to and from China “can cancel their reservations and get their money back.”
But that is not the policy of most hotels. Again, you must request to take advantage of the hotel’s compelling envelope policy.

And “the Intercontinental Hotels Group, which has more than a hundred hotels in about 100 countries, has decided to cancel without a fine for direct reservations, as of March 31, for travelers to and from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea,” CNN added.

What about booking through “intermediate” sites?

Most hotel policies indicate that benefiting from cancellation and refunds is available to customers who booked through its official website or by phone directly, and excluding bookings through intermediary sites such as “Bucking” which attracts millions of bookings online.

If you booked through these sites, go to it and do not try with the hotel itself because it will not help you.

For reference, the website “Booking” announced on March 7 that canceling reservations due to the new Corona virus is part of the force majeure, and therefore there is an opportunity for those who booked through it to get their money back.


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