Transferring 39 suspected cases from Saida and its vicinity to Beirut from March 3 to date – Al-Manar TV – Lebanon


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saida Governmental Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Al-Samadi, said in an interview with the National Media Agency, that “the hospital has transferred, from March 3 to date, 39 suspected cases of corona symptoms to Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital in Beirut, including the injured woman from the town of Barja which She entered last Sunday and came as a result of her positive tests, “stressing that” despite the modest capabilities of the hospital, all medical and nursing staff and workers working on them are on alert and fully prepared, to assume this national and humanitarian responsibility that they perform to the fullest. ”

And on completing the preparation of a floor for receiving Corona cases, he said: “Work is underway to prepare it, pending the provision of the necessary medical equipment and equipment by the Ministry of Health, in line with the plan that the Ministry has set up in the framework of providing government hospitals in the regions.”

He pointed out that “a delegation from the High Relief Commission, entrusted with the presidency of the Council of Ministers, is expected to visit the hospital tomorrow, in order to study its needs to be ready to receive such cases.”

Al-Samadi thanked the pharmacist businessman Mohamed Zaidan, highly valued, “for his generous initiative to donate an amount of one hundred million pounds to the hospital in order to carry out his duty in light of these difficult circumstances.” He pointed out that “Sidon Governmental Hospital is for all citizens and deserves all support, there is a great responsibility that falls on him It is the responsibility of the entire health sector in this difficult period the country is going through. ”

Source: National Information Agency


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