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The Resurrection of Osman Episode 13, the series The Resurrection of Osman is considered the second part of the Artegrel Resurrection, the series also bears the name of the founder Osman due to Osman establishing his own empire in the events of the series, the Turkish drama series, achieved impressive success during only the first thirteen episodes of the series, the duration of one episode From the series that exceeds the two hours, only one episode is broadcasted weekly, which is on Wednesday today, and the episode is now broadcast via the Turkish atv channel on the NileSat satellite for free, but without translation, to watch the episode translated, you have to wait until the end of the episode and translate it on the love story in the middle of the night and watch The throat 13 of the resurrection of Osman translated.

Episode 13 of Osman’s Resurrection is now displayed

The episodes of the series “The Resurrection of Osman” are shown on Wednesday only at eight o’clock Turkish time, at seven o’clock Egypt time, the episode is now broadcast directly through the atv channel, the viewing rates on the series are very high due to the linking of the events of the series to the famous series Resurrection of Artgrel and also because Osman is the third and youngest son of Aggarl and came to complete His father’s march, the series revolves around a dramatic historical framework specifically for the Ottoman Empire, the series of the Resurrection of Osman Shuwaygi between the characters of the series and its heroes, namely: Burak Ozgivit, Rukh Khan Hounel, Ismail Hakki Oron, Ozgeh Torar and Nur ad-Din Sunmaz, the series includes a huge cast, unlike many For celebrity actors whose role ended in their killing in the series, such as Sarhan Onat and his personality, iPars.

Turkish atv channel frequency

The frequency of the Turkish atv channel, which is the only channel transmitting the Turkish series, the Resurrection of Osman on the NileSat satellite, came as follows: 10796, polarization: horizontal, coding rate: 27500, error correction rate: 5/6, the channel broadcasts the episode without translation, and the channel was broadcast on promo teaser For the next episode after the end of each episode.

This was announced just before twelve o’clock in the evening, according to the timing of Cairo, the translation of the thirteenth field in an episode that occupied the trend in Turkey and occupied the first rank so far in the proportions of views, where the number of views for the episode exceeded the direct broadcast that came on YouTube to 2 million viewers around The world, to continue with you to monitor all developments is this series through an article we will follow up with you on a daily basis.

The most important events of episode 13 of the series “The Resurrection of Othman”

This episode witnessed many interesting events, including the occurrence of Bala in the trap of the Mughal injured during her visit to Siljan Hatton to deliver some special purposes to Batur who would betray Osman after stealing the laws of Genghis Khan to ensure his life from the suppression of the Mongols, this and the episode also saw the return of Salvador in return was a shock to The leaders who might have interfered with the assassins did not enter Osman and told them of his plan.

Details of the Resurrection Osman Episode 13

In the first show of the series Uthman Resurrection Episode 13 some exciting and unexpected events appeared, so we will through your website exclusive news to transfer all the details about the thirteenth episode of the Uthman Resurrection series, then this episode saw a drawing of a plan from Uthman and his companions to enter between the Mongols and take the laws of Genghis Khan of Bulgai has already been done and Osman and his companions took the laws and managed to escape from the hand of the Mongols in a tight plan, also witnessed the fall of Bala in the ambush of the Mongols while she was going to Osman and Batur, and this happened by the betrayal of Um Bator to Seljan and her handing over to the Mongols in exchange for preserving the safety of her son, as the friend also appeared. ” Formerly Salvador “and Risen My evening and Othman’s companions made an attempt to kill him, but Othman came at the right time to save him from their hand, as Batur betrayed Othman and stole the laws of Genghis Khan from the box and went to Kaye to give it to his father Dwendar, who became the master of the flag for Balgayi, and Osman learned about this event and went to Kaye to account for Batur to do, but Osman fell in front of Batur with the arrows of the soldiers, to more exciting and exciting events from the series of the Resurrection of Osman 14 Next episode. Follow us through your website, exclusive news to know all the details about the episodes of the founder Othman bin Artgrel, and the second show of the series of the resurrection of Osman episode 13 is broadcast today on the Algerian Al-Fajr channel die Great in Arabic.

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