“Tourism companies”: The closure of the two holy mosques confirms Saudi Arabia’s seriousness in procedures


10:56 PM

Thursday 05 March 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Ali Al-Manesterly, a member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, commented on the evacuation of the two holy mosques, after evening prayers and reopening them before dawn, saying: “A good and promising need” and confirms that the Saudi authorities are serious about taking all necessary measures against the Corona virus quickly and are not silent to protect visitors and residents And do its utmost to protect each pilgrim coming to it.

“Al-Manesterly” explained to Masrawy, today, Thursday, that the purification of the two holy mosques is a preventive measure that takes some time and that is in the public interest, pointing out that the anxiety and the sense of citizens to close the two sanctuaries is not easy and is due to the jealousy of the true religion and the feeling of sadness and soreness towards the current situation, but the matter is outside On everyone’s will.

He sent letters of reassurance to everyone, not to worry and fear of evacuating the two holy mosques “temporarily”, saying: “Preventive and disinfection measures against any viruses spread in order to preserve mankind, provided that the two sanctuaries open again in the coming hours,” noting that the first and second floors operate normally The circumambulation in them is “normal work”, but only the “Kaaba dish” is empty of purification to receive the worshipers.

Today, the Saudi authorities announced the closure of the Two Holy Mosques, after evening prayers, to be opened before dawn prayers, as a precaution against the new Corona virus.

And the kingdom decided to suspend Umrah “temporarily for citizens and residents” in the Kingdom in order to avoid the spread of Corona virus “and prevent its access to the Two Holy Mosques”, as Riyadh had previously decided to suspend the entry of those who wish to perform Umrah to its lands temporarily.


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