Toulin Al-Bakry’s engagement after one day’s marriage – Pictures


Syrian actress Toulin Al-Bakri announced her engagement to Abdul Latif Sharaf after a secret love affair that culminated in an official engagement.

She posted pictures of her engagement and seemed very happy. She said: “In moments of joy, we stole a robbery from the rubble. .Thank you from the heart to everyone, so I and Abd slipped away and wished us well, and, God willing, rejoice in your children and wishing for the needy. ”

And she continued: “The biggest thanks to Professor Fadi Selim, the following is celebrated in us in our own way, and we are filming pegasms of my love for all the real.”

Toleen deserves all the joy and happiness because her first marriage to her children’s father was not good and deprived her of seeing them and she is not yet able, despite the passage of years, to see her children, and talk to them through their remaining pictures with her.

Toulin Al-Bakri was beaten by her husband, deprived of her children and sad

As for her second marriage, it did not last for more than one day after his family rejected her, because she was married before her marriage to him.

Congratulations Toulin, “And the joy of great joy”

In pictures: This is Toulin El Bakry’s husband who divorced her the day after their wedding!

Toleen Al-Bakry with her fiance
Toleen Al-Bakry with her fiance
Celebrate it on set
Celebrate it on set


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