Torino boss warns against ending season after June 30


Urbano Cairo, club president confirmed Turin Italian, that the premise of ending the current season after June 30, would be a wrong move, warning that the season is prolonged a lot due to the emergency caused by Corona Virus Newbies, could “destroy the next season too”.

In an interview published by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Cairo said: “I think that June 30 is an unbreakable limit. Playing after that date will be a mistake. Next, too. This will be our responsibility. ”

“It would be correct to think about the options available, but the desire to end this season should not delay the dates for a long time,” the Turin president added.

Cairo considered that the coming season should be a “symbol of resurrection” and that it would inevitably be “eventful”, with the European Cup and the Copa America postponed this year due to the new Corona virus.

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He also said that players should make their contributions to football by giving up part of their salaries, at a time when clubs face significant financial losses.

“If the regime enters a crisis, everyone will bear the consequences,” said Cairo. The players are part of the world of football and are required to contribute to overcoming this difficult moment. They are neither training nor playing, and many of them have returned to their countries to be with their families. Naturally, they make some concessions. ”


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