Tonight, the series, The Flower of the Trinity, Episode 35 is presented.


The Trinity Flower Series Episode 35 A few hours, millions of fans of fans of Turkish drama will follow the series, The Flower of the Trinity Episode 35, which is presented via the Turkish ATV channel on Friday every week, where followers are eager to know what Aziza, who is still implementing her cunning plans to get rid of Rayan and revenge against Shad Iglu family, will be in the shadow of Family rivalry rages between them.

Trinity Flower series, episode 35

From the start of the presentation of the first part of the series, Zahrat Al-Trinity, the work achieved an overwhelming success in Turkey and reached many Arab countries, where thousands joined the caravan of the followers of the Turkish drama series. In general, the Turkish drama achieved great success, storming the Arab screens and reserved for itself a prominent place in light of the conflict between Artistic and Arabic works.

Trinity Flower Episode 35 translated

The thirty-fifth episode of the series The Flower of the Trinity will carry many surprising details, after Miran refused to implement the plans of his grandmother Aziza, which aims to take revenge on the family of Shadoglu, and after the fall of Hazaroglu in Aslan Bey’s house, the treatment of Ceyhan changes radically and his feelings begin to change towards him.

After Hazaroglu was subjected to an attempted murder, Miran and Ryan’s relationship worsens, accusing him of being the one who tried to kill her father, and Miran in return feels that Aziza and Zahra have something to do with what happened and Miran expels his grandmother Aziza from the palace because of her actions and continuous attempts to cause harm to Rayan.

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