Tom Hanks and his wife from the hospital to a house in Australia


People magazine reported that Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson left hospital in Queensland, Australia, five days after they were found to be infected with the Corona virus.

The American magazine, quoting an agent for Hanks, stated that the two are currently resting in a rented house in Australia and subject to quarantine at home.

Last week, Hanks wrote on Twitter that tests showed he and Wilson had the virus in Australia, where he was participating in a movie, after feeling tired and pain accompanied by a slight increase in temperature. The two are 63 years old.

Hanks traveled to Gold Coast, on the east coast of Australia, south of Brisbane, to start filming a film about Elvis Presley. He will play the role of Colonel Tom Parker, director of Pressley’s business, in the film “Warner Brothers”.

Hanks and his wife were the first two American celebrities to report they were infected with the Coronavirus, which causes Covid-90, and has killed more than 70 people and infected more than 3,800 in the United States.

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