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Japan started yesterday its unprecedented task of reorganizing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, after the difficult decision to postpone it for a year against the background of the new Corona virus, while German International Olympic Committee Chairman Thomas Bach kept the options for the new appointment next year open.

The delay, an unprecedented step for the world’s largest sporting event, has led to fluctuations in all aspects of the games, including sports, security, ticketing and accommodation.

While the international parties and the Japanese announced that the games will be held next year, no later than the summer of 2021, Bach (Wednesday) left the door open to the possibility of holding the tournament in the spring.

“It is not just about the summer months,” the German said in a press conference by telephone from Lausanne, where the ICRC headquarters is located. All options are on the table, before or during the summer of 2021.

In a symbolic shift from the difficulties that Tokyo is now facing, the Olympic countdown clock in the city has shifted from displaying the number of days left for the games to launching, to displaying today’s date and current time.

“It is very difficult,” said ICC spokesman Spokesman Craig Spence. “After seven years of preparations, and a few months after launching, you find yourself having to start again from scratch, but now with less time to finish preparations.”

Japan pinned great hopes on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and its government considered it “reconstruction games” and an opportunity to show the world that it had returned from the “triple disaster” that struck in 2011, when a devastating earthquake caused a “tsunami” and a nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, considered that the postponement of the games will allow them to be held next year “in their full form, evidence of humanity’s overcoming of the new virus”, which has become a global epidemic that has so far caused more than 20 thousand declared deaths.

A spokesman for the Japanese government said: “The prime minister repeated the same message in a conversation, the day before yesterday, with US President Donald Trump,” noting that the latter two agreed together that the games would be “evidence that humans have defeated the new Corona virus.”

The postponement decision welcomed the US President, who wrote on his Twitter account: “I congratulate the Prime Minister of Japan Abe and the International Olympic Committee for their very wise decision to hold the Olympic Games in 2021. It will be a great success, and I look forward to being there.”

The International Olympic Committee is facing an unprecedented situation.

The games will be evidence that humans have defeated the Corona virus.




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