Today’s news in Saudi Arabia .. Education delays transportation … and start pension payments


“Urgent” monitors the most important news of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, by shedding light on the most prominent local events, especially the latest developments of the Corona virus emerging in the Kingdom, and the follow-up of security authorities for violators of the exceptional decisions and precautionary measures taken to limit the spread of the virus, and for details:

April pensions will be deposited in the accounts of the social security beneficiaries tomorrow

The General Organization for Social Insurance said that on the first of April of this year, it will deposit all of its clients ’pensions, which amounted to more than one billion nine hundred million riyals and more than four hundred thousand beneficiaries will benefit from it. Noting that the disbursement is not limited to only pensioners, but extends to all beneficiaries, such as those with occupational hazards pensions and pension beneficiaries from the “Sand” unemployment insurance system.

Objective: 4 steps for enterprises to benefit from the initiative to support 80 thousand citizens

The Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” also announced the steps that must be taken to benefit enterprises from the initiative to support Saudi employees and employees who were employed from the beginning of July 2019 (retroactively) and have not been previously supported, noting that this initiative launched by the Fund recently comes government support initiatives To enable private sector enterprises and ensure their stability and development in light of the current exceptional economic situation.

Health: 110 new cases of coronavirus were registered … and two deaths in the city

The Ministry of Health spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali announced, during a press conference, today, 110 new infections with the new Corona virus, recording, bringing the total confirmed cases to 1563 cases, pointing out that there were two deaths and they are residents of Madinah, bringing the total number of deaths 10 Cases while most of the infections in SK are medically stable.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health stated that there are 22,000 people in quarantine and domestic isolation, and 50% of them have been assured of their safety, and indicated that the declared infections with the Corona virus (Covid 19) in the Kingdom are distributed among a number of regions.

The Ministry of Education postpones the movement of transport until further notice

The Ministry of Education revealed, on Tuesday, that it has postponed the movement of teachers for this year 1441 until further notice that coordination with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources, and the Center for Efficiency of Expenditure has not been completed for the necessary and imperative requirements of employment plans and programs for the next academic year; noting that this decision comes due to the circumstances The Kingdom is experiencing an exceptional situation in the face of the emerging coronavirus, and the Ministry indicated that the transport movement was postponed for this year.

Video .. A public security spokesman gives two tips on moving between regions

Public Security spokesman Brigadier-General Sami Al-Shwerikh, during a press conference today, called on citizens to postpone the movement between the regions, in accordance with the precautionary measures in place to prevent the emerging corona virus, and not to send “requests for movement” regarding cases excluded from the precautionary measures, except for necessity, by post. The email designated for this is [email protected]

The Ministry of Human Resources for “Urgent”: The private sector is not allowed to deprive the employee of the wage except in one case

The Ministry of Human Resources said, on Tuesday, that the private sector is prohibited from denying the employee a wage except in one case, in response to an urgent inquiry regarding some private companies resorting to granting the employee leave without pay, on the pretext of applying the precautionary measures resulting from the Corona virus, confirming That this procedure is not regular and that work contracts are binding on the two parties to the contractual relationship – the employer and the worker – and therefore the temporary special circumstances do not affect them

The promoter of a large corona injury in Tabuk was toppled

Security authorities in Tabuk region revealed that they arrested a person who promoted a rumor through an audio recording that was circulated through social media about the transmission of coronavirus infection to a large number of people because of a citizen and his sister, and he claimed that the health situation in the region is dangerous, in an attempt to arouse public opinion Intimidation of the matter and spread panic among the people, and the preliminary procedures have been completed with him, and referred to the branch of the Public Prosecution to apply regular sanctions against him.

The citizen account deducts requests for support retroactively

The Citizen Account Program, through its account documented on the Twitter site, “Twitter”, explained that the calculation of support for those who are entitled to it is based on the date of eligibility results that confirm beneficiaries are eligible for support, without including previous payments.

Video .. The Ministry of Health announces possible measures regarding the closure of neighborhoods in Riyadh

As for the possibility of closing some neighborhoods in the city of Riyadh, the Kingdom will not hesitate to take any precautionary measures to prevent the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, noting that any steps related to the implementation of preventive measures – including It includes the prevention of movement or the prevention of entry and exit from some sites – subject to continuous evaluation by committees, scientific centers and relevant authorities, which assess the global, regional and local situation within the Kingdom, and any action will be taken whenever necessary.

The Public Prosecution is investigating a violating group … and they are charged with 3 charges

On Tuesday, the specialized departments of the Public Prosecution began procedures for investigating several people who appeared in video clips circulating for different facts from each other, whose content shows that they photographed and published their breach of the curfew order, after the official duty was completed by the competent authority towards their violation of the curfew order, and that According to Articles (15, 17) of the Law of Criminal Procedure.

Launching the River of Giving initiative to mitigate the economic effects of the Corona virus in Al-Qassim

The Emir of the Qassim region, Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishaal, launched the # River_Giving initiative, which he launched through video communication, under the supervision of the branch of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the region, in partnership with the sub-council of NGOs in Qassim, with the aim of mitigating the negative economic and social impacts of the Corona Virus pandemic on some families, individuals and owners small projects.

Weather forecast Wednesday weather: “thunderstorms in 8 regions”

On its website, the General Authority of Meteorology and Environment revealed its forecast that weather will prevail on Wednesday, with thunderstorms, accompanied by active winds, in 8 regions, while five other regions will be affected by raised dust, noting that thunderstorms will be active on the highlands of Jizan, Najran, Asir, Al-Baha, Makkah Al-Mukarramah and parts of the Qassim, Riyadh and Eastern regions, while the exciting winds are active in the regions of Hail, Al-Jawf, the northern borders and eastern parts of the Medina and Tabuk regions, which extend to parts of the Riyadh, Qassim and Eastern regions.


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