Today, the series “Qout Al Quloub” 3, the strong return of director Majdi Abu Amira on AlHAYAT YV channel, which broadcasts


The series, “Gout Hearts”, began to lead the series “Hearts of Hearts”, starring Magda Zaki, the search is very large on the Internet sites, especially on the Google search engine, after the channel of life announced the start of the presentation of the new series, “Gout Hearts” and presented the first episode of it, and one of the most important things that made this series Attracts many viewers because it contains those social events that occur in various Arab societies and the mother that seeks to raise her children and make them permanently happy.

The hearts strength series

In this series, you play the role of the heroine, Magda Zaki, who appeared in this impressive form, and her performance is characterized by that extreme spontaneity, as well as the strong presence with some of the comedies in many situations that combine drama and comedy, this series is considered this strong return of director Magdy Abu Amira, who was called With the king of TV drama, it is expected that these upcoming events will have more details and powerful events that will make the series one of the strongest Egyptian dramas.

The events of the series “Qout Al Quloub”

This series belongs to the prolonged drama series, but events take place in that social comedic framework in which Magda Zaki plays the role of a cleaning worker in that school where her daughter works, and she tries to deny that she is her mother in front of her fellow teachers, which causes her more severe embarrassment and has four children Sons of a son working on a talkie, a girl who loves Facebook and its programs, and a son who lies to his mother that he works as a lawyer and lives in a popular neighborhood, everyone around her loves her deeply.

The date of the series, “Gout Hearts” and the frequency of the carrier

The series is shown at nine o’clock in Cairo local time on Al-Hayat channel, and it is repeated again at one o’clock in the morning, and again at eleven o’clock in the morning Cairo time, and you can follow the series on the next frequency on the Nilesat satellite at a frequency of 12206 and the rate of polarization Vertical, the coding rate is 27500, and the error correction factor is 3/4.

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