To protect her from Corona .. The Queen of Britain leaves Buckingham Palace


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            <span class="created">March 15, 2020</span>
            <p dir="RTL"><span style="background-color: initial;">It was reported that last night the Queen of Britain left Buckingham Palace due to fears of infection with the Coronavirus.</span></p><p dir="RTL">Reports said Queen Elizabeth, 93, had been transferred to Windsor Castle for her safety.</p><p dir="RTL">According to the newspaper "<span dir="LTR">The Sun</span>The British royal source said: "She is in good health but thought it was best to move her. Many of its employees are slightly alarmed by the coronavirus. "</p><p dir="RTL">He added: "The palace was hosting a steady stream of visitors, including politicians and eminent personalities from all over the world."</p><p dir="RTL">He continued: "There have been no specific concerns or positive tests so far, but no one wants to risk."</p><p dir="RTL">According to the newspaper, plans are being made for her stone and Prince Philip, 98, at Sandringham Palace if the disease worsens.</p><p dir="RTL">Britain announced yesterday the death of ten other people, which raised the number of deaths in the United Kingdom to 21 cases, with a significant increase in cases from 342 to 1140 cases. </p><p dir="RTL">Buckingham Palace is located in central London and also has more staff compared to other royal palaces, so it is a more dangerous location.
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