To combat Corona … Google launches offers to facilitate remote work


Google announced the introduction of a G Suite package to help different groups operate remotely as an initiative to help reduce the spread of the Corona virus.

The number of employees, teachers, and students working remotely as a precaution is increasing due to the proliferation of Corona, and so Google says it wants to help them stay in touch and stay productive.

G Education Package offers a range of productivity-enhancing applications that help companies and teachers collaborate, no matter where they are.

“We are committed to helping students and their teachers continue learning outside of school. In Hong Kong and Vietnam, where schools are already closed, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of students start using both Hangouts Meet, and our video calling service is available to all,” Google said in its statement. G Class and Google Classroom users to join classes and continue distance learning from home. ”

The company added that due to “more companies adjusting home-based work policies and adopting reduced travel plans in response to the Corona virus outbreak, we help ensure that all teams distributed globally can still meet reliably face-to-face, even if employees are not in the same location.”

The company announced that starting this week, all G package customers will have free access to the advanced video conferencing service in Hang Out Dead, which offers the following:

– More meetings, up to 250 participants per call, and live broadcasts of up to 100,000 viewers per link.

– The ability to record and save meetings on Google Drive.

These features are usually available in the corporate version of the G-Pack, but will be available at no additional cost to all customers until July 1, 2020.

To help start trying these packages, Google asked interested clients to visit their Learning Center page or follow the instructions outlined in the company’s message.

“We are committed to supporting our users and customers during this difficult period, and we continue to expand our infrastructure to support increased demand for Hang Out Dead, ensuring smooth and reliable access to service throughout this period,” Google concluded.


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