Tips for kidney patients to prevent infection with corona


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Covid-19 disease affects the kidneys, heart, nervous system, blood, and digestive system. Recent studies also indicate that people with kidney disease are more likely to become infected with the emerging coronavirus, according to the website published by the US “Boldsky”.

According to the American Kidney Fund, if a patient receives dialysis treatment and suffers from major health problems, he or she may be at risk of developing Covid-19.

Corona’s effect on the kidneys

A study published in the journal “Kidney International” showed that kidney patients are more susceptible to Covid-19, and dialysis patients should adhere to strict protocols to reduce the risk of infection.

The study indicated that among 536 patients with viral infection, 36 patients developed severe kidney impairment within 20 days of infection with the virus despite the presence of a normal creatinine level in the plasma. The effect of acute renal impairment on various factors ultimately led to multifaceted failure, resulting in the death of 33 patients with severe renal impairment.

Tips for kidney patients

The CDC recommends the following steps that must be adhered to by everyone suffering from kidney disease, if they have kidney failure or have recently had a kidney transplant to prevent the risk of coronavirus infection:

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds or use an alcohol-free hand sanitizer.
Keep 2 meters away from everyone, especially people who suffer from coughing or sneezing.
• If you feel sick and have flu-like symptoms, stay home and consult your doctor immediately.
Nephrologists advise family members residing with dialysis patients to follow the necessary precautions and regulations for patients to avoid the risk of infection as well as coronavirus infection.

5 important warnings

Here are five important warnings for dialysis patients to keep in mind during the Corona pandemic:
Don’t miss any dialysis treatment sessions
• Always contact the dialysis center for advice
Learn the symptoms of Corona virus
Eat healthy foods and take your medications on time
• Avoid going out and when out of necessity you must wear a protective mask.
Diet for kidney patients
The American Kidney Fund recommends observing the following diet for kidney patients:
Whole grains and fresh fruits (avoid sweetened drinks or apple sauce)
– Vegetables such as peas, corn, and green beans.
Garlic, onion and olive oil
Tuna, salmon (unsalted) and chicken
Unsalted plain biscuits
Cranberry, apple or grapefruit juices
Powdered milk or condensed milk and condensed dairy products
Forbidden food
Experts recommend that people with dialysis should not eat cereals fortified with dried fruits, dried legumes, salted potato chips, granola potatoes, tomato juices, or energy drinks


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