Time to panic


Surrendering a bout of coughing and sneezing is not the worst that may befall us in the shadow of the Corona epidemic, but mental and psychological health has its expected share of the cake of calamities, so it is never wise to reduce it

Since the global warnings of the spread of the Corona virus have spread, it has always seemed to me that the loudest voice is that “hayat” – as it is said in the Gulf – it either compares the disease to a mild cold, or considers it a hoax that does not deserve to be drawn behind. An example is given by Donald Trump and Jayer Polsonaro.

Wherever my face fell asleep, I saw nothing but the “suicide” insistence on establishing congregational prayers, visiting the Holy Land, or even reckless exodus at mass demonstrations, as happened in Sudan and Iraq. The world has missed an important message recently, so I will write it so that it may take hold in my mind before your mind:
It is okay to feel panic and panic, and it is normal for us to suffer from stress and anxiety.

I say this because the period of sanitary isolation, and the accompanying curfew and a commitment to social distancing, are expected to bring her own contributions to the health crisis table.

Do you know that social isolation may lead to a decrease in immunity? In fact, one of the studies noted that the elderly who commit to their homes longer than their peers are more likely to suffer from organic diseases, such as heart diseases.

As for the effect of isolation on the psychological and mental levels, it happened without embarrassment. The matter will not be confined to the anxieties and depression that are relatively clear in their features and symptoms. In a study conducted on isolated employees in the Arctic and Antarctic, at least 50% of them recorded a marked decline in memory, and their ability to sleep and focus was affected, in addition to an increased sense of nervousness.

I fully understand that mental and mental health takes a back seat in the ranks of priorities at a time when the disease is killing hundreds of people every day in countries such as Iran, Spain and Italy. But what I do not understand is that reassuring voices are completely silent on the millions who feel a loss of control due to the current situation.
As soon as we rid ourselves of diabolical whispering to those who completely belittle our fears of “regular flu” and strike the wall with our growing feeling of panic and turmoil, we fall under the grip of a few who are no less evil. They in turn deprive us of our very natural sense of dismay and tension.

Realistically, surrendering to a bout of coughing and sneezing is not the worst that may befall us under the Corona epidemic, but mental and psychological health have its expected share of the cake of calamities, so it is never wise to reduce it, or ignore its existence, only because the world rushes in search of a vaccine for a different disease.

And because the possibilities are limited in front of us and we have become imprisoned in homes, the first step that is recommended to take is the separation between us and the source of anxiety, which does not care at all with the fires that ignite it inside us. Try to turn off the TV with its grim news bulletins, complete WhatsApp “groups”, and – after finishing reading this article, of course – stop updating the Twitter timeline.
Be fine.


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