“This time will come down!” … Tareq Al-Shennawi criticizes Hani Shaker’s statement regarding A.


07:31 PM

Thursday 05 March 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Art critic critic Tariq El-Shennawi criticized the statement issued by the Syndicate of Musical Professions headed by artist Hani Shaker, on Thursday morning, regarding the crisis of festival singers, describing it as a “floundering statement.”

And “Al-Shennawi” said, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that the musicians’ statement reminded him of the story of “Umm Ratiba”, to the great writer Youssef Al-Sibai, saying: “In the film of Umm Ratiba, there was one named Ali Beinger, who told him that we objected to the name, Ali Ali, whose name changed.” For Mr. Beet, the union worked hard, exactly, it became the Technical Performance Division to change the word festivals, meaning the problem was in the name and not in the beets? “.

The great critic added: “The union is frustrated in all cases, wanting to be riddled with an iron fist, and when it started working, it attacked and loosened the grip of the union, and the captain began resorting to other supervisory bodies, represented by the General Union of Technical Syndicates, and the supervisory authority for artistic works headed by Khaled Abdul Jalil, ok, they are their money ?! “.

He continued: “Censorship has a specific role and you are a union body, not a supervisory body, and there is a big difference between them, and it seems that things are mixed on Hani Shaker.

He continued: “Before a definite decision came up that the songs of heavy metal were not declared, and then his word came down, and he said that we will prevent the festivals, so I was sorry to say that he agreed in this statement, and he told you we will call them songs of art, and this also reminds me of the movie Ibn Hamido, when he threatened Hanafi’s wife ( Abdel Fattah Al-Qasari) Her husband said, “Hanafi” … Al-Qasari replies, “You will come down this time.”

He explained: “The union has its role, uh … It asks itself what is the role of the union, is it the confiscation or the creation of a healthy atmosphere for the presence of artistic works?”

And “Al-Shennawi” went on, “Hilmi Abdel Baqi, member of the Syndicate Council, Mabigniche, with his 30-year-old grocer, until Majid Al-Kadawani mocked him in one of the announcements that he and Karim Abdel Aziz recently made. How does a singer sit at Meghnesh? She does not play her role, but she is showing her ability to prevent, and the evidence for this is when they said there are no festivals, so there are no festivals that we will leave from Ali Beet to Sayyid Beet. “

The Syndicate of Musical Professions issued a statement saying: “The Syndicate of Musical Professions has decided, in order to complete what it started to establish a branch for artistic performance, and not the so-called festivals, whose members receive an annual license to sing, after its approval from the union’s listening committee, with the obligation of the division member to observe the standards and steps Procedural, with regard to the regulatory permits for the general performance of the songs, bearing in mind that failure to adhere to union or regulatory rules during the permit period gives the union the right to cancel the license and not grant it again, based on the signed declaration thereof, and also in accordance with Law”.


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