This is Barcelona’s plan to cut player salaries!


The management of the Spanish club “Barcelona” held several meetings, yesterday, Tuesday, headed by the president of the club, Josep Maria Bartomeo, to discuss the laws relating to the salaries of the team players during the period of suspension, resulting from the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging.

The Catalan club officials reached an agreement on the temporary work plan during the period of imposing the emergency in the country by the Spanish government, in addition to reducing the salaries of basic professional players by 70% for the duration of the quarantine.According to the Spanish newspaper “AS”, this decrease will affect all days of stopping sports activities and the inability of professional players to carry out their duties and will be applied to all club professionals, which means that the percentage of Argentine star Lionel Messi will be the same as the youngest player in the Blaugrana.

The club realizes that the absence of activities affects everyone equally, so it supports the implementation of this decision instead of a graduated percentage according to the players ’salaries which will not be approved by the team officials.

Among the distinguishing characteristics of these procedures is that all players receive their full salary after the state of emergency and quarantine is canceled, regardless of their participation or the resumption of the championship or not, meaning that they are not affected by the end or postponement of competitions, and they will receive the total salary because they will train naturally inside the club’s facilities Catalan.The Spanish newspaper pointed out that “Radio Catalunya” revealed that some members of the sports administration had received a statement from the club about the reduction of their salaries starting next month to implement the new law on them as well.

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