Thinking out loud … Tweets on Twitter disappear after a day


Twitter announced Wednesday that it is testing a method that allows users to “think aloud” through Tweets that disappear a day after they are posted, rather than remain visible and available for sharing.

The experience of spreading ephemeral tweets called “Fleets” has begun in Brazil, according to the San Francisco-based Twitter company.

If applied widely, Twitter will join apps, notably Snapchat and Facebook, which have made a similar move.

“We are trying a new method that allows you to think aloud on the platform without likes or re-posting the Tweet or comments,” the company said in a message posted on its Twitter account.

“She will be called (Fleetz) and will disappear after 24 hours.”

This could encourage users to share ideas they wouldn’t have expressed in a permanent tweet, said Kevin Beckpour, product developer at Twitter.

He continued, “This is a fundamental change for Twitter, so we are excited to start testing it.”

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