There are no equal opportunities for distance learning students and the university year must be completed and extended


The Lebanese University Professors Association announced in a statement today that “not all students have access to computers and smart phones due to the economic crisis, and that the use of” online “at the same time for several people slows the internet, and this will impose itself on the university.

The statement added, “There are not equal opportunities for all students in terms of distance education and family status. Students should not meet in one place for the possibility of an epidemic, as they may intend to study on one computer that is available to one of them, so fast internet and sufficient capacity must be provided at a reduced price for students “.He believed that there is “a need to conduct an evaluation of this experiment that the university is applying to build on the thing required,” stressing “the necessity to complete and extend the academic year whatever the price and the length of time, provided that the lectures be repeated as soon as the situation stabilizes.”

And the statement concluded: “The authority encourages distance education, but demands that it not currently be compulsory, but optional for those who have the appropriate conditions, to maintain communication with the university. And the authority, while highly appreciating the good intentions to launch distance education, refuses to pay the university people eight times their conditions Difficult. “She hoped that “the epidemic crisis will end quickly and that things will return to normal as soon as possible.”


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