The Yemeni Oil Company: announces a new fuel price … and sources reveal the reason


The Yemeni Oil Company, Hadhramout Coast Branch, announced on Monday, 9 March 2020, to reduce the prices of oil derivatives in light of the low prices in the global market.

The company approved, according to a circular issued to the station agents in the Hadhramaut coast, to reduce the price of one liter of oil and diesel from 330 riyals to 315 riyals.

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And the branch of the oil company in the Hadhramaut coast emphasized that the oil derivatives are purchased through the sales department of the company and according to the applied marketing policy, and that the company’s branch bear the commission and transportation fees.

To that, the directorate of the oil company, Intisar Abdullah Al-Arasha, confirmed that the 20-liter petrol will be sold in Aden, at an amount of 6440 riyals at 322 riyals per liter, and the diesel bears at 7060 riyals at a price of 353 riyals per liter.

This reduction coincides with the drop in global oil prices to the lowest levels in nearly four years, as the price of a barrel of crude reached 33 dollars, amid expectations of a decrease to 20 dollars after the failure of OPEC agreement with Russia.


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