The world’s largest glove manufacturer expects a deficit with higher demand


Malaysia’s Top Globe, which manufactures one in five gloves globally, expects a deficit in its product as demand from Europe and the United States rises due to the outbreak of the Corona virus outbreak.

CEO Lim Wei Chai told Reuters that the company has extended delivery times to meet increased demand.

Lim said the company had received orders in the past few weeks, mainly from Europe and the United States, at nearly twice its capacity. Top Glove can produce 200 thousand gloves of natural and synthetic rubber daily.

“Of course there is a deficit. They increase orders 100 percent and we can only increase 20 percent, so there is a deficit between 50 and 80 percent,” Lim added.

He added that the momentum of exceptional purchases may continue for another three months, but it is expected that the demand will remain strong for up to nine months, even with the start of slowing demand slightly from Asia.

To address this situation, the company adjusted the delivery period from 30 days to 150 days.


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