The world eyes China on the difficult task of returning to action


China, like other countries, faces the dilemma of resuming its sporting championships in light of the risks posed by the spread of the Corona virus around the world and its arrival to teams and athletes, making the return to the stadiums difficult.

The Chinese Football League was a wake-up call to what would hit the global sport in succession, with officials announcing it in January that its launch date, which was scheduled for February 22nd, had been postponed indefinitely.

Last week, it was reported that the league might start soon, with the country registering a decline in new cases of the emerging coronavirus, which first appeared in Wuhan in December.

The dates of April 18 and May 2 were traded as possible dates for the launch of the league.

But this talk preceded the announcement of the first confirmed case of the virus in Chinese football, and it is the Brazilian Doritalton player Maozo Hakka (second division), which is among the cases coming from abroad.

And China recorded in the past few days, an increase in the cases included in this category (infection with the virus coming from abroad), which put the country once again in a state of alert for fear of a new outbreak of the Corona virus.

On Sunday, the Chinese club Shandong Luneng announced that the Belgian player, Marouane Fellaini, the former Manchester United player, had contracted the virus, explaining that he was found infected after returning from outside the country.

In light of this, “Soccer News” newspaper indicated Thursday that the start of the league was postponed until late May or early June.

However, the severe government restrictions announced later in the day, especially limiting international flights and preventing foreigners from entering the country, make these dates even in doubt.

“Soccer News” warned that “in the event of more cases in the future, the date of the resumption of the Chinese League will be postponed again.”

And aspiring China to show that life in it began to gradually return to its former era, another blow, but in the basketball sport, which is very popular, after the idea of ​​resuming her championship in early April also stumbled.

The threat of continued outbreaks of the virus is not the only enemy of the Chinese league, which has become the focus of attention for the rest of the other championships that have been suspended around the world, to see how he will be able to track the path back to competitions.

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Although Chinese clubs continue to train in preparation for the new season, many foreign coaches and players remain stranded in their country as a result of travel and travel restrictions around the world as part of the fight against “Covid-19”.

China announced late Thursday evening to reduce the number of international flights, noting that even foreigners with valid visas and residence permits will be denied entry after midnight on Saturday.

And a group of prominent players in the Chinese league is facing a race against time to be able to return before the new procedures come into effect, including the Brazilians Oscar, Hulk and Paulinho.

Those who return will need to spend two weeks in home insulation, which will add additional delay, and will need more time to regain a level of fitness that will allow them to enter a competitive season.

China, the cradle of the “Covid-19” virus before it spread around the world, was one of the first countries to suspend most sports competitions on its soil, and it could be an example of the path that other outstanding tournaments may follow.

Source: “AFP”


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