The United States extends Huawei’s tenure with American companies


Source: Washington – France Press

The United States, China’s telecom giant Huawei, has given an additional 45 days to continue working with US companies.

The new temporary license expires on May 15, and before that the previous license was due to expire on April 1.

And last May, President Donald Trump’s administration announced that it would ban Huawei in the US market and prevent it from purchasing American-made components.

The United States has expressed concern that Huawei devices may contain security holes that allow China to spy on communications, but the Chinese company denies the charge.

American companies and Huawei’s customers in the US market are now forced to seek alternatives to Huawei equipment and phones.

The Trump administration granted Huawei a temporary license that was extended for 90 days in November, then for 45 days in February, so that rural areas in the United States are not isolated from the world pending an alternative to Huawei equipment.


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