The truth of Sarah Al-Waddani’s relationship with the kidnapping of Dammam


Riyadh (Echo):

Beauty expert Sara Al-Waddani became the hour of talk, as soon as he revealed details about the use of a famous snapchat on the kidnapping of Dammam in magic acts.

A number of Sarah al-Wad’ani’s followers thought it was the well-known destination of security journalist Abu Talal Al-Hamrani.

Al-Waddani departed from her silence, asking Al-Hamrani to clarify the matter, saying to him: “Abu Talal I wish to explain to followers that it is not me, I am a perpetrator of many sins.”

Al-Hamrani denied that Al-Waddani was the intended one, saying to her: “My sister Sarah is not defeated. You are the owner of any relationship with the subject.”

Sada had published details about the use of a celebrity in the eastern region to kidnap Dammam, to make a magic that binds her husband and makes her control it, which made many guess who she is famous, while Al-Hamrani kept mentioning her name until the investigations were completed.

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