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With the delay in the emergence of a successful treatment or preventive vaccine against the emerging corona virus, doctors and researchers are still betting on the ability of the human body to deal with the deadly disease, through the human immune system.

And an Australian study found the way the immune system works against corona, and concluded that the device is able to eliminate the virus in the same way it works to repel the common flu.

Researchers at the Peter Doherty Institute for Diseases and Immunology in Melbourne have been able to identify specific types of immune cells that are able to fight the Corona virus.

The researchers found the cells by treating a patient who had come from Wuhan, China, to Australia, and had a mild to moderate HIV infection.

The researchers observed that certain immune cells appeared in their blood three days before they recovered.

The study found that this type of cell also appears in people with influenza and at the same stage of the disease, which confirms that those with coronavirus, who do not have severe symptoms, are recovering in the same way as those with normal flu.

According to experts, discovering the type of immune cells that appear after infection with the Coronavirus, may help in developing a vaccine against it, and in identifying the stages of the virus’s development, a discovery that experts described as a real scientific breakthrough.

The largest drug companies around the world are racing to make a drug that can defeat the Corona virus, which has killed about 9,000 people and infected more than 220,000 in more than 120 countries.

About 50 drugs are being developed and tested to combat the virus, also known as “Covid 19”.

The World Health Organization says it has not yet approved any proven treatment for the virus, and there is no vaccine to prevent it.


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