The toughest “Corona” Challenge .. Are there safe ways to touch your face?


As Corona continues to spread in a number of countries around the world, experts in the medical field have given a number of advice to stop the spread of the emerging virus, including “stop touching the face.”

And “Covid-19” may be transmitted to a person as soon as he touches something that one of the injured has touched beforehand, and then transmits it to him by touching his face, mouth, nose or even eyes, so experts call on people to avoid touching their face as much as possible.

This medical advice remains simple to prevent corona, since the virus can live for at least 9 hours on hard surfaces.

US President Donald Trump was among the mentors of this advice, saying during a meeting with airline directors on the virus crisis last Wednesday: “I haven’t touched my face for weeks. I miss it.”

But not touching the face is a challenge for some people who considered it difficult, especially since previous studies have found that the average person touches his face about 23 times an hour.

According to the CNN news network, touching the face becomes a habit in humans over time, in what some specialists describe as “unconscious behavior that fights stress and anxiety.”

Are there safe ways to touch your face?
There are “safe” ways to touch the face, if the person finds it difficult to permanently abandon this behavior, says Dr. Don Moneyy Baker, an infectious disease specialist in Gainesville, Florida.

He continued: “Realizing this awareness and awareness of it is very beneficial in order to avoid it in the future,” adding: “It is also necessary to use wipes to touch the face instead of the hand carrying the microbes.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends that you wash your hands continuously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and if water is not available, it is recommended to resort to a hand sanitizer, which contains alcohol of more than 60 percent.

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