The sustainable development of Arab deserts at a symposium in Dubai


The Zayed International Foundation for the Environment organized, in cooperation with the Dubai Police Academy, in the Academy of Officers Club a cultural symposium titled “Sustainable Development of Arab Deserts … Environmental Protection and Economic Strength” within the World Environment Series.

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Bin Fahd, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, explained that the symposium, which was attended by a number of researchers, environmental experts and school students, discussed the concept of deserts and their types in the Arab world, dust storms and sand dunes, their characteristics, harms, benefits and natural desert plants and the need to preserve and invest in Arab deserts .

Ibn Fahd pointed out that the symposium also included the concept of desertification and its relationship to deserts in the Arab world, with the aim of highlighting the need to protect the desert environment from pollution resulting from recreational and commercial misuse, and to encourage desert studies and research and exchange information and scientific expertise between Arab countries.

For his part, Eng. Hamdan Khalifa Al Shaer, member of the Supreme Committee and Secretary General of the Emirates Environmental Prize Award, said that the symposium aims to exchange ideas and experiences in a field that concerns all humankind and is aimed at addressing major environmental issues related to the correct understanding of and benefiting from deserts.



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