The Spurs player’s family is detained during a burglary


British police revealed today that the family of the Belgian player Jan Vertongen was detained for a short period Tuesday night under the threat of knives during a robbery at his home, while Tottenham’s English defender was with his team in Germany.The police said that four men in masks armed with knives broke into Vertongen’s house while the Belgian international’s wife and children were inside.

The 32-year-old was in Germany to participate with his team in the match against Leipzig in the second leg of the Champions League final price on Tuesday, which ended with the club losing 3-0.

A police spokesman announced that “the police were called to the address of a house at 7:49 pm on the tenth of March, after reporting the robbery.”

He added, “The police officers came. It was reported that four men, wearing masks, armed with knives, forcibly entered the house and stole several belongings before they left.

He continued. “No one was injured. The suspects had left the scene before the police arrived. There were no arrests and investigations are continuing. ”


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