The sports world is flooded with donations to fight Corona … institutions, clubs and teams


Sports clubs and institutions continue to support them through a large donation campaign, to combat the crisis caused by the new Corona virus, which has struck many countries and caused near paralysis in the joints of life.

FIFA announced that it is studying the creation of a “potential support fund” for world football, and a $ 10 million donation to the WHO fund to help it fight the Corona virus.

For their part, the German soccer players donated $ 2.7 million to combat the crisis caused by the Coruna virus.

“I am in contact with the players, and we have decided to give immediate help,” team manager Oliver Bierhoff told a video conference in which the coach, Joachim Loew, participated, while veteran goalkeeper and captain Manuel Neuer said in a video on his Instagram page: ” We have to take care of each other at times like this. We in the national team are thinking and will donate for a good cause. “

The players did not specify the form of the donation, but they directed their followers to the “Fair Helvin” platform aimed at coordinating volunteers in Germany during the crisis.

“There was a very quick agreement about our desire to make a gesture as a team,” Bierhoff added, explaining that Manchester City’s Elkay Gundogan, Real Madrid’s Spanish star and Barcelona goalkeeper, Barcelona-Marc André Terre Stegen, also came up with this idea.

In another support initiative, Chelsea offered its hotel, located near Stamford Bridge, for use by health workers at London hospitals involved in fighting the Corona virus.

This was the idea of ​​Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, who will cover the expenses incurred, as for two months, the British health service workers will be able to benefit from the services of this hotel, as the English club explained in an official statement.

The Moroccan Football Federation announced its donation of 10 million dirhams to the special fund to fight the Corona virus.

The Moroccan Federation published a statement saying: “The university announces, in coordination with both the National Professional Football Association, amateur football and feminist football, a financial contribution of 10 million dirhams, in the special fund to fight the new Corona virus.”


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