The situation is not dangerous .. “NASA” clarifies the fact that a huge asteroid collided with Earth


A number of news of the collision of a huge asteroid with the Earth was attributed to the American Space Agency “NASA” through social networking sites “Facebook”, which sparked a state of panic among the followers and some people said that it might be “the end of the planet”, which was denied by “NASA” in detail and in detail.

“NASA” denies the collision of a huge asteroid or its approach to Earth:

NASA has announced that the asteroid tracking system is not related to a huge asteroid or collision, but rather is to find two large bodies crossing the orbital path of Earth, but the matter so far does not prove its approach to Earth not only during the current time, but over several decades of time Next.

And confirmed, “NASA” in an official statement issued today that on the date corresponding to the twenty-ninth of the month of next April, “asteroid 1998” will pass in a safe form of “3.9 million miles, 6.2 million kilometers.”

An astronomer explains the reality of the asteroid that will travel near Earth

The former head of the astronomy department at the National Research Institute, “Dr. Ashraf Tadres,” confirmed that the asteroid that will pass near the Earth is the most confirmed rocky asteroids that revolve around the sun and its classification is astronomically as “near the Earth.”

Confirming that this asteroid will pass next to Earth on “April 29th,” confirming that its size is “2 kilometers” and its speed is “30 thousand kilometers per hour”, but it will not be in a collision course with Earth, and there is a distance between them “estimated at about 16 times the distance of the Earth With the Moon ”, which confirms that the asteroid will pass near Earth safely.


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