The series “The Resurrection of Othman 14” A love story .. The events of the founder Othman Ibn Artgrel Episode 14 with high quality through the site of light and the hero falls in the trap of Dindar


Resurrection Osman 14 series is a love story, thousands of followers watched around the world watching the events of the Resurrection Osman episode 14 tonight exclusively via the Turkish ATV channel frequency, especially after the end of the teaser that ended in the last episode when Bala Khatun was chained and kidnapped by the Mongols, everyone wants to know What would Osman Ibn Artgrel do to save his girlfriend who was kidnapped by his uncle Dindar after he had disagreed with Bulgay against him, and the atmosphere increased excitement when the promo of the 14th episode of the founder series Osman was shown and the hero appeared in him threatening his uncle to kill in front of all the tribe, and through the lines Next we will put your hands Osman channel carrier frequency.

Now you can watch episode 14 of the Osman Resurrection series that was shown yesterday on the ATV screen, and now you can watch the episode through the story of love and the location of light in high quality.

Today’s episode of the founder’s series Othman was uploaded through the “Love Story” website, and followers of the series from all countries of the Arab world can follow the episode throughout the week through the site mentioned, to be repeated tomorrow evening through the Algerian Dawn and Yarmouk channels.

Exciting fiery events witnessed in the 14th episode of the Osman resurrection series that was shown a short time ago at the frequency of the Turkish ATV channel, where Dindar installed a trap for the hero Othman Al-Ghazi and chained and handed him over to the Mongols in exchange for taking over the position of tribal leader.

Now you can watch Osman’s Resurrection Episode 14 via Turkish ATV channel in high quality, and hours from now you can follow Osman’s fifteenth episode through the website of the story of love and light translated into Arabic.

Resurrection Osman 14 series love story

It is scheduled to be presented Resurrection Osman series 14 Love story tonight across The frequency of the Turkish ATV channel The famous that has been launched on satellites since 1992 to display the most beautiful Turkish series and programs for viewers all over the world, and the resurrection of Osman Episode 14 is expected to witness many unexpected surprises as Samsa will ally with all the tribal leaders against Othman and start thinking about a way to get rid From him, as Artgrel’s son will think of salvation from Dindar after he became like a thorn in his throat by his alliance with the Mongols against him and his agreement to his exile, as all the close associates of the hero threaten the dream of establishing the Ottoman Empire, and it is expected that Osman will respond to his advice to his Sheikh and start a war against the Mongols and Tatars Vegas Complete the history of his honorable father.

Resurrection Osman 14 series love story
Resurrection Osman 14 series love story

Turkish atv channel frequency

the channelThe satelliteHesitationCoding rateFECthe quality
Leave the sat42.0 ° E1162827500 5/6SD
Astra19.2 ° E1269227500 5/6SD
Astra19.2 ° E1124327500 5/6SD

The frequency of the Yarmouk channel

And you can follow The Resurrection of Othman 14 Via the Jordanian Yarmouk channel tomorrow evening, Thursday, at eight in the evening, Cairo time:

Frequency 11678

Vertical polarization

The coding rate is 27500

The Resurrection of Othman 14

The series “The Resurrection of Othman” is one of the most important dramas presented by Turkey, despite its exposure to many criticisms that say that the series presents history from the point of view of Turkey and highlights the positives of the Ottoman Empire without mentioning its negatives, and it is worth noting that there are several sources that indicate stopping the display of the series of the Resurrection Othman with the beginning of Ramadan, and only content with 30 episodes.

Replay tonight, episode 14 of the series Othman Ghazi, “The Founder Othman”, was shown exclusively yesterday on the Turkish channel ATV, the owner and holder of direct transmission rights for this series, in its first season, and that the series will be shown today, Thursday, on the Algerian Al-Fajr channel.

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