The secrets of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Saturday 14-03-2020 – Al-Manar TV – Lebanon


The most prominent secrets of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Saturday 14-03-2020

• The government seemed confused on the subject of the economic plan, as a minister hit her last week, a date very close to that between his colleagues and his colleagues ranged between three and six weeks to complete.
• It is known that the founders of a prominent current have defected from it, recently they began to intensify their meetings and meetings in order to raise the level of opposition to the current, its policies and its president, considering that what they warned of had happened and perhaps culminating in a conference of these leaders.
• Praying for what was stated in the “Secrets of the Gods” yesterday about the non-participation of a general secretary of a prominent party in a political and media meeting held by the party leader, which turned out to be not participating in any of the similar meetings.
Major General
China is preparing to provide allied countries, including Lebanon, with the necessary measures to control the spread of the Corona virus.
• An extreme case of commitment to closing restaurants and cafes, including shops, has been registered, pursuant to direct warnings, of those that did not comply on the first day.
• Various institutions resorted to giving periodic licenses to their employees, which does not negatively affect the work and jobs assigned to these institutions.
The Republic
• Medical sources gave the state less than a month to secure breathing machines and purchase the necessary medical supplies, otherwise Corona would be out of control in the country.
• A former deputy affirmed that the state’s procedures are currently taking into account the interest of another country, not the interest of the Lebanese
• Intelligence agencies have reported that a major organization has dispensed with a vital international line for at least four months.
• Financial sources asked about the reason why the Lebanese banks did not buy some of their money abroad to buy Eurobond bonds owned by foreigners, amounting to 11 billion dollars out of 30 billion for Eurobonds, and the price of the bond has become 30% of its value, meaning that 3 billion is enough to liberate Lebanon from external negotiation It includes all bonds to Lebanese banks?
• Opposition Turkish sources said that the political, popular and security situation in Turkey foretells dramatic developments after the defeat of the Turkish President in northern Syria caused a major rift within his party and between him and the army, which is considered to have been involved in a humiliating battle and abandoned. The sources said that everything is expected in the Turkish case under the title of the next explosion.

Source: Newspapers


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